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Nail Conditions

Toenail conditions can develop from improper care of nails. Discolored nails, fungal nails, loose nails, ingrown nails or nails that are too thick to be cut may require the correct attention from a podiatrist.


Dr. Michael Tomey will be able to provide the right care for all types of nail problems. He will help return your nails back to normal appearance, which may also help prevent further disease.

Nail Treatment

Whether you will need palliative care to return your nails to their healthiest state, or need to take an oral antifungal drug, we will be able to diagnose what is causing your nail disorders.

Toenail Conditions

  • Black toenails

  • Fungus

  • Ingrown

  • Nails falling off

  • Yellow toenails

Did you know that Doctor Tomey can help prevent the regrowth of ingrown toenails?

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Nail Fungus

Even healthy toenails can develop fungus and they can be transmitted from other people. Such a disorder is often found in people age 60 and up. They most often become discolored and very thick but can be treated easily.