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Custom Fit Orthotics

Shoe insert orthotics are used to treat several problems you've been experiencing in your feet. They can help you manage arthritis pain, foot and joint pain and many more conditions you may be experiencing.


Custom fit orthotics enable us to match your unique foot structure. Orthotics are the best way to treat certain conditions by giving proper support.

How Orthotics Work

The custom fit orthotics we will be able to make for you provide the best arch support available. They will fit to match all of the contours of your feet and give you the necessary arch support and motion control you will need.

Custom Fit Orthotics Advantages

  • Improved arch support

  • Increased balance

  • Lessened ankle, heel and foot pain

Ask about our custom fit orthotics. Orthotics can be used to treat a variety of conditions including chronic foot pain.

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Type of Orthotics

We can fit you to a variety of types of orthotics, as well. In addition to the custom shoe insert orthotics we offer in athletic shoes, there orthotics that can be made for certain types of dress shoes.

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